What is is a web development platform providing a programming model, a complete software infrastructure and several other services needed to build web applications for desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Internet information services or IIS is a powerful web server from Microsoft that’s used to host your web application. The IIS has its own process engine which handles the core request.  When a request comes in from a client to the server, the Internet information services takes that request and processes it and sends an appropriate response back to the user. But don’t fret about this technological jargon. The talented team at will handle all your questions concerning this area and help you use the Internet and your website to your maximum advantage.

What is Used For? is a powerful server-side web application framework designed for web development and used to produce dynamic web pages. Developed by Microsoft, it’s used to allow programmers to develop web applications and services as well as to build dynamic websites. Classic Asp uses server-side scripting for web pages that are not impacted by the type of browser the client may be using.

What are some of the advantages of using this technology?

  • With its built in configuration, information it is easy to deploy
  • Can be used with the programming language most suitable for your application
  • It reduces the amount of code required for large applications
  • Asp and Html generate dynamic web pages smoothly
  • It allows for the building of a variety of  web solutions
  • Microsoft has built in security mechanisms and high reliability

There are other advantages to using this approach as well.  Let the talented technicians at Geek Certified,, look after your needs. We’ll employ the cutting edge developments in this field to your best advantage.