A web banner, or banner advertising is a type of advertising on the Internet which is delivered by an ad server. This model of ad entails embedding advertising into a web page. The purpose of this Internet banner advertising is to bring traffic to a website by linking the website to the advertiser.  Getting an interested potential customer to your website is the first step in making a sale.

While this is an effective form of advertising, we think you’ll be surprised at the modest banner advertising costs involved.  Your costs are generally based on the number of users who click on your banner. Costs can be as low as 50 cents for a thousand clicks but range up from there depending on several conditions.  When you work with the experienced team at  we’ll design banner advertising sites that are cost effective and definitely improve traffic to your site.  

Click through rates vary but we think you’ll be pleased with the results we get with your banner advertising. In the end, when you buy banner advertising you’re exposing your website and products to the huge audience on the Internet that have expressed a specific interest in your service or product.

How Many Ads Do We See in a Day?

Back in the 1970s studies indicated that the average consumer was exposed to, or encountered, about 500 ads a day.  That figure is hard to believe. But with the advent of social media in its many formats, it’s believed that an Internet user may encounter as many as 5000 ads in a day.  Just think of the number of ads you’ve learned to ignore that pop up whenever you use Google or another search engine.

So this means your company’s online banner ads have to be stunning, unusual, dynamic or somehow eye catching to overcome this onslaught of visual distraction. Remember, Internet users are often intending to do other things when they encounter your banner ad.  They may be social networking, enjoying a video or looking something up. So we have to get their attention. At Geek Certified we’ve acquired the skills to set your banner ads apart and entice viewers to take action by clicking on your online banner ad. Our creative approach will lead more potential customers to click through to your website.  Once we increase the traffic to your site, your job is to convince potential customers of the unique aspects of your product.

Want to make the move to the next level in online sales?  Get in touch with us at 289.259.8059 or  We’ll create powerful online banner advertising sites that will change your notion of your business possibilities.