Only the Best Adwords Campaigns from Geek Certified

With the dramatic growth of online shopping you want your business to have a strong Google Adwords strategy to secure your proper share of the online market. The experienced team at is led by CEO Scott William Wilson who has over 20 years of success in the Internet marketing realm. Scott and his team know all about Adwords and can create a marketing campaign that can grow your business dramatically. It may be hard to believe but there are over 3 billion Internet searches daily. These searches reach 70-80% of Internet users from around the world. 

Our experienced team of SEO writers can help you direct your Google Adwords strategy so it focuses on the demographic group and geographic region that best reflects your customer base. We can offer you a targeted marketing program that will ensure that your PPC advertising, or Pay Per Click advertising, is an excellent investment which leads to sales of your product or service.

We’ll find Your Customers…. Wherever They Are 24/7

When you work with us we’ll create a Google Adwords campaign that is designed and built for your specific products and markets. By judicious selection of keywords used to describe your products we can almost ensure that traffic to your website is interested in what you have to sell.

Advertising on billboards and in newspaper is inefficient. Everyone sees it, even if they’re not potential customers. A limited number of people viewing these ads are likely customers for your product. With an effective Google Adwords strategy designed by us, but with with your guidance and direction, customers looking for your products will find your website. This is the case as they will have expressed an interest in your product merely by using the keywords that are also loaded onto your website.

Our job at Geek Certified is to get potential customers to your website. Your job is to use your enhanced online presence to illustrate and demonstrate the fine products you offer to your potential customers from around the world, or around the corner.

So when it’s time to make the move to the next level in your business activity, get in touch. We’re as close as your phone at 289-259-8059. Give Scott a call. Or drop us a note at We’ll get busy improving your sales figures. You’ll be pleased at the minimal cost involved, and the dramatic impact it may have on your bottom line.