Scott William Wilson: Expert Internet Marketing Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

As Canada’s leading internet marketing keynote speaker, consultant and trainer, Scott William Wilson speaks regularly at business events and conferences as the recognized expert on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Most recently, Scott has spoken internationally and written about the future of Google search trends and keyword ranking for government associations, independent companies and the education sector. Scott William Wilson just recently returned from a 10-day trip to Vietnam that involved SEO workshops, SEO speaking and Internet strategy consulting for VTV (Vietnam Television). 

Scott was tasked with helping the Video On Demand team optimize their website for more search traffic with the goal of becoming the Vietnamese version of Netflix or Crave TV. Scott was also tasked with helping the news team increase their search traffic by optimizing their news-site and the weather team by creating a campaign to promote their weather app.

Scott William Wilson with the SEO workshop team from VTV (Vietnam Television) in Hanoi, Vietnam.

In addition to 20 plus years of Internet Marketing experience, Scott has several Google advanced certifications including AdWords, Mobile Advertising, and Google Analytics.  He utilizes the knowledge gained through these credentials to help take your business to the next level. Recently, Google recognized Scott’s expertise and selected him to attend the exclusive Google Partners Summit at Google Headquarters in Mountainview California.  He spent three full days learning and partaking in roundtable discussions with Google visionaries and engineers as well as other Internet leaders from around the world. As an Internet consultant and online strategist, Scott will freely share his learning and expertise with your business leaders. He’ll provide insights on how your firm can take advantage of recent developments in Internet marketing and not be left behind in this fast-moving online world. All in, Scott’s internet marketing strategies will help you grow your market share and profits by utilizing the internet effectively.

With over 20 of years of experience in search engine optimization and search engine marketing, Scott has driven the growth of over 1000 businesses worldwide. His expertise and experience rank him as an essential internet marketing consultant and business trainer. Scott regularly speaks to the CEOs of the PROFIT 500, 100 and PROFIT 50 fastest growing companies.

Scott understands how to curate and predict future trends of online marketing and has helped countless clients through his innovative workshops, consulting contracts and internet marketing speeches.  He has also used his search engine marketing tactics in his current role as an independent consultant and business trainer for leading companies around the world. Scott can assist you in enhancing your presence on the Internet and help you establish online strategies that will add to your bottom line.

Workshops: SEM, SEO, Social Media: Focus Your Target Market to Increase Traffic, Rankings, and Sales

One thing Scott William Wilson has learned during his time as an internet marketing keynote speaker and Internet strategist is that the Internet has quickly revolutionized the business world. Anyone can see that consumers are now banking, shopping, investing, being informed and entertained by their personal computers and mobile devices. What many businesses may not see is this massive shift of consumers to the Web has relevance far beyond those in the media and entertainment industries.

With media outlets changing so frequently, it is important to have a solid guide to help prepare you and your business for what will come next. According to, there are over 3.5 billion searches a day on Google. That’s over 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. That number continues to grow. Scott will help your firm secure your share of that online action.

While those numbers may suggest that there are enough users available for all, when you begin to compare these stats with Google’s latest update on the number of web pages it has managed to successfully index (130 trillion), you can quickly see just how competitive the digital landscape has become.

By following the key principles of configuring websites that Scott outlines in his presentation about online strategies, many participants in his previous SEO and SEM workshops have been excited to see their websites rank within the first few listings on leading search engines such as Google and Bing.  Scott’s marketing and online strategies will help your firm move on to, or closer to, page one on the leading search engines. To generate business…that’s where you want to be.

So how do you earn first-page placement in the natural results on Google and the other major search engines?  As an Internet strategies consultant, Scott’s presentation will answer that question and how it impacts on your specific business.

In a dynamic, fast-paced presentation, Scott William Wilson will outline the secrets of a successful SEO program that any business leader can understand and apply to their own websites. His goal as an Internet marketing speaker and renowned international consultant is to offer businesses a better understanding of search engine marketing and ultimately, to increase a business’ odds for success by grabbing a larger share of the market.

Why Google Rankings Matter

Google is always changing its search engine algorithms with the goal of providing the user with the most relevant search result.  Through his internet marketing speeches, workshops, and consulting contracts, Scott prepares companies for these changes so that they can implement his strategies and see an improvement in their bottom line right away.

Being top ranked on Google is no longer optional; it is imperative to the success of your business. Why Google? The answer is simple. Google has created the world’s most powerful – and most popular – search engine. Google’s goal is to organize the world’s information and make it easily and instantly available to anyone with an Internet connection. This Internet research is being conducted by some of the brightest minds in the online world and, not surprisingly, the complexity of their search algorithm is difficult to comprehend. Scott has had regular contact with the leading players at Google and can share the results of high-end discussions about the future of marketing on the Internet and help you to help your potential customers find you online

After years of studying Google’s algorithm, Scott has simplified Search Engine Optimization into three easy-to-understand principles that he calls the three secrets of SEO.

The Three Secrets of Internet Marketing

  1. Earn Google’s trust.  Google won’t rank your Internet material unless they trust you.  Without a Google ranking, you’ll never make it to page one on Google.  Scott will teach you how to earn the very important Google trust.

  2. Your material must be able to be read quickly and easily by Google. There are specific formats or styles of information the Google can read quickly and evaluate.  If you are not using one of the easily read formats that work well for Google, or if your material is to slow or too difficult to load, Google will ignore it.

  1. Your Internet content must have a laser beam focus.  In his consulting and presentations Scott will outline how to focus your online material and avoid the common pitfalls of so many firms that don’t understand the basics of successful Internet information.

Google users perform 3.5 billion searches a day; so, the question for executives is: when a prospective customer is searching to buy, do they find your company or your competitors? There are now more than 130 trillion pages on the web, this is a 1,000-fold increase from 2000. If your website is a static billboard, how will prospective customers find it in a jungle of trillions of others? The reality is, without the implementation of a comprehensive digital strategy, your potential customers may never find you.  Let Scott walk you through this fantastic maze of Internet web pages and outline some Internet strategies the will bring you more online business.

Impactful, Internet Marketing Speeches to Grow Your Business

Over the course of his career as an internet marketing consultant and strategist, Scott has delivered countless dynamic presentations. In his workshops and training sessions he provides practical, proven strategies for increasing sales and winning new customers, all in a highly cost-effective way. His presentations are unique, because of his focus on the financial pay-back of web sales. By drawing lessons from fascinating real-world examples, he educates decision makers. His captivating and dynamic presentations are designed to empower audiences with the specific knowledge to make the best business decisions utilizing proven strategies.

You and your company will learn:

  • Key performance indicators for a successful web marketing & sales campaign

  • Benchmarking best practices

  • Secrets of success for winning business on the web

  • The mistakes ad agencies and web design firms make that undermine web sales and marketing effectiveness

  • Why search engine optimization is one of the least expensive methods of prospecting and winning new customers

  • Successful strategies to significantly reduce reputational risk when a corporate crisis hits.


Scott will also explain how companies can take advantage of the dynamic changes being made by Google as it strives to give its users information of better quality and diversity. As an example, he outlines how one feature, Google My Business, is helping firms ramp up their customer base in their drive-to area, cheaply and effectively.

Hire Scott William Wilson as Your SEO/Internet Marketing Speaker or Consultant

Scott’s presentations are a must for all entrepreneurs, small and large businesses who want to rank up on Google search and enhance their online presence. He knows that to benefit from search engine marketing, you must seek out all of the possible opportunities, making sure your site is designed to be search engine friendly is not enough.

What really makes him and his presentations stand out amongst other internet marketing keynote speakers is that he still actively practices what he preaches. One tactic Scott has focused on is the financial pay-back of web sales and documenting case studies with a proven ROI. As a result, Scott has grown a company to be one of the leading SEO firms in Canada.  By following his actionable steps to SEO, you can rank highest amongst the franchises in your particular niche market.

Scott’s presentations are designed for decision makers, empowering them with the necessary knowledge to make the best business decisions utilizing proven strategies. His presentations, workshops and consulting contracts are also uniquely tailored towards each individual company so that you’re inspired to implement your new-found knowledge in a fashion that best suits the business model of your firm.

If you would like to book Scott, email us at or call 289-259-8059.