$985 USD SEO Program for Small Business - An Inexpensive Solution to Improving Your Online Presence and Sales Figures

If you own a small business you’ve likely heard about the power of Search Engine  Optimization (SEO) to bring customers to your website to sell your product or service.  To this point, SEO has been the territory of the big players, those with deep pockets and healthy marketing budgets to enhance their online presence.  The team at  Geek Certified has found a way to allow small business operations to afford a dynamic and proven SEO thrust to raise their marketing game, to put them in a bigger league.

But first things first.  Who is Geek Certified? And what’s their background?  Scott Wilson is a serial entrepreneur who has created a number of successful online marketing ventures.  He’s the brain trust and driving force behind Geek Certified. He brings to the job a wealth of experience and a profound knowledge of the powers of SEO.  Scott has spoken and consulted on Internet marketing issues around the world.  He’s a sought after problem solver for the national and international marketing community.  He’s well known and respected for the enthusiasm and expertise he brings to the job at hand.  Scott is one of a select few Internet experts from across the globe who has been invited to Google Headquarters in order to brainstorm on the future of the  Internet.  He can bring that extensive experience to bear on your small business and help you turn the corner.

SEO For Small Business at a Price You Can Afford

Very few in businesses today can survive without a strong presence on the Internet.   Whether customers are shopping for a car or for duct cleaning services, most North  Americans head to the Internet to do their research, comparison shop or purchase a  product or service online before they even think about stepping out the door headed for a Bricks and Mortar retail outlet.

As a small business, you want your potential customers to find you online. For this to happen you need a strong foothold on the Internet.  Under the direction of Scott, the experienced team at Geek Certified is here to give your business a boost and to enhance your online presence…and they’ll do it for as little as 985 USD a  month.

With our extensive background in Internet business development, we’ll look at your specific business, your product or service, and your potential clientele to develop a  package and strategy designed for your specific needs.  We do not offer an automated, one size fits all solution to your situation.  You’ll work with real people who’ll come to know you and the nature of your business.

Once our program is in place you’ll see real and concrete progress on the number of visits to your website and more importantly in your sales numbers and bottom line.

In the past, your limited marketing budget may have been a handicap.  It may have prevented you from establishing the level of market penetration you know you deserve.  With the support of Geek Certified’s organized, dynamic programming, offered to your business for as little as  985 USD per month,  you’ll  be surprised and pleased with the results you can achieve.

Get in touch with us and let Geek Certified help you give your business a boost.  Our previous clients rave about the incisive consultation process and the dramatic results they see in the sales numbers for their service or product.  You’re only a phone call away from a rebirth for your small business.  Trust the cooperative, experienced team at Geek Certified to move your business to the next level.