An Online Retail Platform to ramp Up Your Business.

NopCommerce is a free open source ecommerce platform developed in Russia in 2008. Since it was founded it has been downloaded over 2.5 million times and powers over 50,000 online stores.  And while it is popular and has proven successful for many users, nopCommerce does come with some challenges. To be successful with it you need to be familiar with some Microsoft-based systems.

But if you are prepared with the proper system requirements you‘ll find that nopCommerce is ready to download, install and test. As we’ve noted it is free to download but you may well incur some costs in using this popular ecommerce platform. For example, you may encounter some costs for add-ons, an SSL certificate, web hosting and nay Microsoft products needed to run this program that you don’t already operate.  Many believe that nopCommerce is ideally suited for mid-sized or large businesses. This is so as you may need someone to do some coding to tailor the product to your needs. Start-ups or small businesses would likely have to focus their energies in other areas than some of the technical aspects required of this ecommerce platform. If you think that nopCommerce might be appropriate for your business the experienced technical team at can provide ample support to get you launched and add modifications as you grow.

What are the Pros and Cons of this Retail Platform?

Keeping in mind that this system is more suitable for mid to large businesses a bit of research online indicated that there are pros and cons for this platform as delineated by users.


  • Simple set up  and install with customizable themes
  • It enjoys a big and active community of users
  • More than a 1000 nopCommerce plug-ins and themes
  • Many features required by ecommerce are available out of the box
  • Over 85% of users would recommend this product to others
  • It comes complete and saves many hours of data base design
  • It offers many easy to use operations for a retail platform


  • It requires a steep learning curve for code customization
  • Documentation is lackluster
  • Finding developers familiar with the platform has been a challenge
  • The first load is slow but thereafter it works well
  • You may incur costs that impact your bottom line

But overall the reviews of this Ecommerce platform are very positive and most users would recommend it to other retailers.  If you have any questions about its use or available support, get in touch with Geek Certified at 289-259-8059 or