What are Remarketing Ads and Why Are They Important?

A remarketing ad or a retargeting ad is an important aspect of your online presence. These ads are directed at potential customers who have already visited your website.  These ads often assume that the visitor to your site has some prior knowledge of your product. They’re designed to generate more click through activity to enhance retail sales.

These two types of very important ads or often considered to be one and the same.  But there are subtle differences in their nature. Retargeting ads are most often based on cookies while their cousins, remarketing ads are most often based on email.  These ads will show up as previous visitors to your site browse the web, use mobile apps, or search on Google. Get in touch with us at or 289-259-8059. We’ll design a retargeting or remarketing campaign that will generate more repeat traffic to your site.

So you can see, an effective retargeting ads campaign can be an important element of your overall marketing program.  This is a great way to convert users into customers. By placing a small snippet of code on your website when a user visits your site their cookie ID is added to your marketing list. Whether you’re looking to drive sales activity, gather more leads or promote awareness of your brand, retargeting and remarketing Google ads is an ideal way to tailor your advertising to users who have shown interesting in your service or products.

While retargeting leads to ads which appear while users browse online, remarketing ads arrive in the form of emails.  While different in their delivery, the intent is the same, to reacquaint your potential customers with your products and create conversions, to sell your products. Once a user has visited your site and shown some interest in what you have to offer, you can see that an effective remarketing strategy can increase sales by reminding them of your product or service.

Remarketing Strategy and Remarketing Campaign Improve Your Bottom Line

A powerful remarketing campaign can convert window shoppers into buyers. Generally, it’s only about 2% of shoppers who convert on their first visit to an online store.  Your remarketing strategy should be designed to reengage the other 98% who left your site without making a purchase. Both retargeting and remarketing ads generate increased sales by keeping your brand front and center and bring those window shoppers back when they’re ready to buy.

Remarketing and retargeting are effective because these ads are presented to users who have already expressed an interest in your product through their recent online behavior.  Even if they do not click back to your website immediately, the constant planned exposure heightens brand awareness. Remarketing Google ads remain a preferred tool for marketers as they more ROI than generic online ad campaigns.

Work with the experienced team at Geek Certified and we’ll design a remarketing strategy that will move your sales to the next level.