Creating Effective eCommerce Themes for Your eCommerce Website is Our Business.

The experienced team at are a talented group of professionals whose goal is to provide you with a stunning and effective eCommerce theme to be the basis for your eCommerce website.  We have many years of experience in the marketplace helping our clients develop a powerful and results-oriented online presence.  Our goal is to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the first step being the creation of an effective eCommerce theme.  This will get you closer to that ultimate goal in the business world…to rank high on any Google search by potential customers.  We work with a talented group of writers to provide you with simple SEO writing that will bring more and more business to your site.

What do you need to look for when you’re selecting an eCommerce theme? When you contact us about your new eCommerce website we’ll want to know more about your business, the type of products or services you sell and the tone that you wish to create with your online marketing. We can help you design a site that reflects the nature of your company, is attractive to look at, and easy for your customers to use.

Some Basic Elements of Your SEO Theme

Is your site attractive?  We can show you a variety of themes and allow you to select the one that you think will best suit your needs. But we also are adept at creating new visually attractive themes for our clients and take great joy in watching all the pieces come together in this dynamic venture. You know your product.  You know your clientele. We know how to give you a powerful online presence. This knowledge should drive the design and overall appearance of your eCommerce theme and give you a successful eCommerce SEO platform.

Is your site easy to read and use? Can your customers easily find what they are looking for and in the end easily purchase your product or service?  A well-designed eCommerce SEO platform allows customers to quickly move from reviewing the product to clicking through to add an item to their basket. The contemporary online shopper tends to be impatient.  When they can’t quickly find what they are looking for, or the site does not make sense they move on.  Perhaps to a competitor’s site, and you don’t want that.  At GeekCertified we have expertise in developing SEO themes and eCommerce SEO platforms that are attractive to look at and user-friendly.

The ideal site has a mixture of photos and text.  Photos are important in determining the tone of your SEO theme.  We can provide a series of photos that will enhance the appearance of your site and support your eCommerce theme.  Was it the Chinese who said a picture is worth 10,000 words?  We’ll help you select the photos that will help drive your site and make it a pleasant and dynamic shopping experience for your clients.  The addition of our simple SEO theme writing that features keywords used by people looking for your products will guarantee to improve your bottom line.

More Elements of a Successful eCommerce Theme

Does your site load quickly?  Is it easy to customize?  GeekCertified will make certain your eCommerce SEO platform loads quickly without any hitches.  Customers shopping online don’t wait for a slow loading site.  They move on very quickly.  If they move on to another site you’ve lost a potential sale.  We can ensure you that we’ll design a fast loading site that’s no problem to customize.  We’ll set it up so that it’s easy to add new features and deal with changing trends in the marketplace or the addition of a new item in your product line.  We’ll design an eCommerce theme that won’t just cater the moment’s passing fancy but have some staying power.  Want to make a change in your site?  Just contact us at and we’ll get to work on updating your face on the world.

You’d be surprised at how many people shop on their phone.  Only several years ago it was a desktop, laptop or tablet that online shoppers used.  But today, the majority of shoppers are working with their phones in hand.  Your eCommerce theme should be one that shows well on all platforms.  Don’t fret.  Our design team know all this and will make certain your product looks good on whatever vehicle your customers are using.

The team at GeekCertified will create an eCommerce theme and website that shows well and responds to a variety of browsers.  We all have our favourite browser of choice, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari or Chrome.  It doesn’t matter, we’ll set you up to be accessed quickly on any and all browsers. Perhaps you’ve found websites that look good on one browser but not another.  We’ll check to make certain that you’re attractive and easy to use on any browser on the market.

Our SEO writing team checks on keywords used to find your products.  We’ll make your site match those keywords that will lead to more ‘hits’ on your site.  More hits very often mean more conversions.  Just what you want.

Selecting the perfect look or eCommerce theme is as much art as it is science. We can try several approaches and eliminate those that seem less likely to be successful.  When you go to the marketplace you want an online presence that looks professional, attractive and leads to sales.

Get in touch with the professionals at GeekCertified. We’ll be pleased to sit down with you and create an online vehicle that will take your business to heights you never thought possible.