What is SEO Link Building?

One of the goals of any Internet marketing firm is to increase the traffic to your website and thereby increase sales.  One of the best ways to do this is to establish a link building strategy that connects your site to others which Google has recognized as having a ‘high authority’. This reflects that old notion that you’ll be known by the company you keep.  Links from authoritative pages pass more authority to your site. Links from pages with little authority, or with little relevance to your product line, add little to your status and traffic.

At Geek Certified, with CEO Scott William Wilson at the helm, we have become the leaders in the field of link building including inbound links or SEO backlinks.  These are very important elements in using links to add authority to your website. Scott was a pioneer in Internet marketing, has been a respected participant in exclusive Google workshops and helped hundreds of firms from around the world improve their presence and effectiveness in online sales. We think your sales performance can improve dramatically if you contact our talented team at 289-259-8059 or and let us do some link building for you.

Some Key Aspects of Link Building

Over the years we’re proud to have served a broad range of customers from every corner of the retail marketplace.  We’ve built a sterling reputation as leaders in the field with our professional and successful approach to all aspects of link building.

We know from experience, from the increased traffic we get, the best location for a link.  For example, a link placed in a sidebar or footer does not improve traffic and sales as much as an authoritative link placed smack in the middle of your page.

We also know that SEO backlinks, or inbound links, that is a link one website gets from another website, have a large impact on your website’s prominence in search engine results. Good backlinks come from relevant and trusted sources. An inbound link from a website with high authority is a ‘vote of confidence’ in your site. Bad backlinks originate from unrelated and untrusted sources.  You can trust the talented and experienced team at Geek Certified to identify and employ only SEO backlinks that will enhance your page and website rankings.

Why are inbound links or backlinks so important?

  • They drive traffic to your site

  • They are Google’s reputation management tool

  • They are how Google finds your new pages

  • Relevant backlinks boost the credibility of your site

So when it’s time to move your online business to the next level get in touch with us. Together we’ll tune up your online presence and expose you to a whole new range of potential customers.