Internet Marketing Speaking Engagements

The next time you host a corporate event, why not let your employees loosen up while learning a little? Scott William Wilson, Founder & CEO of, has offered his services as an SEO speaker to countless companies and events, and would love to help your company brush up on one of the most important promotional tools of our time: internet marketing.

Scott’s experience in internet marketing has led to his reputation as a trusted SEO speaker, and to countless satisfied clients who have hired him for consulting, speeches, and running online campaigns. His interest in the field stemmed from a do-it-yourself approach; frustrated with the lack of results brought on by the internet marketing company he had hired for eMotion Picture Studios, his then video production company, Scott started doing his own research and applied what he learned to eMotion’s site. Instantly he began seeing his rankings shoot up on Google. Fascinated, his experimentation turned into a career, and less than a decade later he’s successfully established himself as one of the industry’s top SEO speakers.

With his knowledge and experience, an SEO speaker like Scott realizes the potential of internet marketing has reached new heights and continues to grow every day. It’s a vital tool for businesses of any kind, from a century old conglomerate to a day-old startup. Scott has been a leading SEO speaker for over six years, and continues to help businesses grow and build a solid online presence. His efforts have resulted in improved rankings on search engines and increases in business for companies both big and small. Notable former clients include Speedy Auto Service, Armor Tile Tactile Systems, and The Suites at One King West.

Scott isn’t just an SEO speaker, though – a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to online marketing, his experience extends to optimization for Google Places, as well as search marketing in Google AdWords. He has also been working in video production for even longer than he’s been working in search, and has combined his knowledge in both fields to figure out how to create the perfect online video, custom tailored to any business. Hiring Scott as an SEO speaker guarantees you’ll learn about more than just Search Engine Optimization; you’ll learn a great deal about a multitude of fields in internet marketing.

Don’t fall behind in the world of marketing. Hire SEO speaker Scott William Wilson for your next corporate event and get educated by the best in the business! Contact us online or call us at 1-877-631-5899 today!


Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) sound like dry subjects, but not when Scott William Wilson talks about them. I’ve seen several times how strongly he engages audiences through the sheer force of his passion for SEO and SEM. He’s excited about these subjects, and he gets his listeners excited about them as well. Many speakers who have deep knowledge about their areas of expertise struggle to explain it to people who lack such knowledge. But Scott speaks in clear language, so even audience members who don’t know much about SEO and SEM can easily understand what he’s saying. And he nicely combines big-picture analysis of these subjects with specific tips and tactics that his listeners can apply to their own websites.

– PROFIT Magazine

Scott Wilson’s ability to capture the attention of my e-marketing class was outstanding. He introduced me to many interesting tools available through search engine marketing. I will certainly remember his advice for my future career.

– Kate-Lyn MacNeil, McMaster MBA Program

I have been audience to Scott Wilson’s presentations on Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing on no fewer than 4 occasions. Even after repeated exposure – in both very large as well as smaller, more intimate settings – I find myself engaged, interested and involved in Mr. Wilson’s messages. He not only knows his subject matter, but understands it so deeply that he can deliver it in simple, relatable terms. He uses real world examples and demonstrated results to illustrate his proven concepts and approaches.

– JAN Kelley Marketing

Scott Wilson, one of the best speakers I have heard this year. He is incredibly enthusiastic about what he is talking about and really engages the audience. He definitely made SEO marketing sound like some type of marketing I would now like to pursue. I would definitely listen to this gentleman again.

Sheean Patel, McMaster MBA Student

Scott Wilson presented in my e-marketing class at McMaster University. The presentation was excellent– by far the best presentation I have heard throughout my University career. The information was very useful, presented clearly, and in an entertaining, interactive fashion. I would recommend Scott Wilson to speak at any and every event especially to students.

– Zac Ford, McMaster MBA Student