SEO Superpage Blitz

Geek Certified’s SEO Superpage Blitz - Appear on Google’s First Page

Do you offer a great product or service, but you just can’t get your website on the first page of Google? If your page isn’t Search Engine Optimized (SEO), you likely won’t win those coveted top spots on Google’s search engine results page. To win that traffic, your page needs keyword-optimized content, a great user experience, and foundational SEO that will show Google your page deserves to be at the top.

This is where Geek Certified excels. Our SEO Superpage Blitz is the best SEO solution for businesses that need their page(s) on the first page of Google and driving leads and sales. An optimized page is an opportunity to create an evergreen funnel that can drive qualified leads to your website for years to come. It is the gift that keeps on giving, and we would love to help you get there.

Buy Your Own Geek Certified Superpage Today for the One-Time Cost of $2,500. Start driving the qualified traffic your site deserves.

What Geek Certified’s SEO Superpage Blitz Will Provide You

A Great ROI. Your optimized Superpage will pay for itself and provide a superb ROI with the consistent, qualified leads being driven into your funnel. 

1,500-2000 Words of Keyword Optimized Content. Wow potential customers with well-written content that keeps them on the page, encourages users to convert, and ranks you higher on Google. 

Industry-Leading Keyword Research. Our team will find the Long-Tail Keywords that will drive qualified traffic to your website. Google’s web crawlers will pick up long-tail keywords faster than they would short-tail keywords, and short-tail keywords are tough to win unless you already have a very reputable site. 

Optimized Web Images. Geek Certified will optimize your image names and convert them to proper web size so your page can run at optimal speed. 

Reviews & Review Schema. Reviews let potential customers know you’re a trustworthy business, and Review Schema lets Google know you have a trustworthy website. Geek Certified will optimize your reviews and install proper Review Schema, so your reviews and star ratings show up on Google. 

Sitemap Submission. Submitting your proper XML Sitemap file to Google ensures the search engine will properly crawl your site and all its pages. 

Sell With Your Videos. Video content is the future, so Geek Certified will embed your YouTube videos onto your webpage and show Google you are keeping up with the times. 

The five top-ranked sites on any search engine are the sites that will get the most traffic, and therefore the most business. This is true whether your customers use Google, Bing, Yahoo, or a smaller search engine such as Duck Duck Go. Therefore, implementing an effective SEO strategy is imperative to growing your business online.

Trust Geek Certified’s SEO Services to Bring Your Website the Business it Deserves

It’s hard to believe, but when Google assesses a webpage to see where it should rank, the Google algorithm considers over 200 factors. Google’s web crawlers evaluate your content, your keywords, whether your content satisfies user intent, and the quality of your website (AKA whether your site runs fast and provides a great user experience). So, properly organizing your content and ticking off the right boxes in a technical sense is very important to achieving a top-page ranking on the world’s busiest search engine.

At Geek Certified, we can maximize your online presence and increase the qualified traffic visiting your site, leading more qualified leads into your sales funnel. The internet is a fantastic way to grow your business, and SEO is the secret sauce that will get your website in front of your customers when they need it most.