Redesigning a Website: Why Do It?

You may want to rebuild a website for several reasons.  Perhaps your bounce rates are too high and your visitors are not converting.  Business models change and perhaps your site doesn’t reflect your goals or mission any longer. Even worse, your site may not be mobile friendly. As you may know, a majority of shoppers do their product research and make purchases on their mobiles.  So you don’t want to ignore those possible customers. Perhaps you need some new website SEO techniques or keywords to capture another corner of the market.

Your website can be a major source of leads and revenue.  It’s your business face on the world. If your visitors don’t spend much time on your site or fail to purchase any product, perhaps it’s time to consider some site redesign SEO.  A recent study by Gomez determined that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site if they’ve had a bad experience. So, maybe it’s time for an SEO website rebuild in order to give visitors to your site a first class experience.

And don’t forget, online shoppers are impatient.  The performance and speed of your website matters.  The average online shopper expects your page to load in 2 seconds or less…down from 4 seconds in 2006. It’s shocking to report that after waiting 3 seconds, up to 40% of your shoppers will abandon your site.  An SEO redesign of your website might be one way to fix some of these issues and make your site more attractive to potential customers.

An SEO Website Rebuild is Not Without its Challenges

If you choose to rebuild a website you want to protect the hits and sales momentum you’ve generated with your present website.   So rather than a costly and time consuming tear down and relaunch, elect to have an ongoing process of sight redesign. SEO is an integral part of any successful online retail operation so protect what’s working for you and refresh other aspects of your online presence.  At Geek Certified we have extensive experience in determining what’s working and what’s not with our clients’ websites. We can very quickly come up with a plan for transitioning a SEO redesign that will be minimally invasive and not interrupt your ongoing business.

We can take a look at your website analytics and will do so before our technicians determine what’s the best course of action to rebuild a website.   Our goal is to update, refresh and provide an SEO redesign for your online presence. The polished work of our SEO technicians will generate more traffic and conversions on your more user friendly and faster loading site.  Get in touch today. Try us at or 289-259-8059.  We look forward to your call.