The team at Geek Certified is excited to be working alongside Sirved Mobile to assist them in elevating their restaurant menu search engine to new heights. Sirved Mobile is responsible for creating a restaurant menu app that allows you to search for restaurants based on a specific dish, craving or even type of cuisine. “Sirved has created a company that operates and feels like a Silicon Valley tech startups from the 2000’s.  They have created an app that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and is a better option than even Google when searching for a restaurant to dine.” Says Scott William Wilson, CEO of Geek Certified.  “They have customized their product to be one of best restaurant search engines and one of the best iPhone menu apps. It’s powerful, unique and easy-to-use for all audiences and all occasions.”

Having indexed over 200,000 restaurant menus in Canada and the United States, Sirved, is adding more menus to their menu app every single day, with no end in sight.

Sirved Mobile is headquartered in Windsor, Ontario and has developed their product for desktop, iOS and Android. Jonathan Leslie, alongside his co-founder Kyle Brown and the Chief Technology Officer Derek Watts, has worked diligently and tirelessly to bring the highest quality product to the palm of your hand. The entire team at Sirved is committed to creating an unrivalled and unparalleled product that will revolutionize the restaurant app industry.

Try the best Android menu app today and never look back. Explore a new world of foodie experiences and open your door to new possibilities. The Geek Certified team is excited about working together.