What is Social Media Marketing and how Important Is It?

In the last few years retailers and online marketing experts have acknowledged the impact of Social Media Optimization or SMO.  As social media has grown it’s become one of the top platforms for reaching potential customers. is a software developer which provides tools for social media marketing. Their research indicates that:
  • 92% of marketers surveyed indicate social media is important for their business

  • 80% of these marketers reported that social media ads increased traffic

  • 71% of these retail marketers use social media campaigns to gain intelligence on the marketplace and their customers

If you’re serious about growing your business, it’s pretty clear that you’ll miss out on a chunk of sales if you continue to ignore social media optimization and social media SEO in your marketing campaign.  When it’s time to move some of your marketing to social media platforms, get in touch with Geek Certified at 289-259-8059 or  We can provide the expertise to launch your social media optimization campaign that will find you new customers and increase sales.

Some of the other benefits of an organized and dynamic social media SEO marketing program include: increased brand recognition, increased traffic to your site, a chance for more conversions, improved brand loyalty, better search engine rankings and decreased marketing costs.

The longer you wait, the more you have to lose in this dynamic marketing realm. So give us a call or drop us a note.

Social Media Tips For Improved Sales Results

Scott William Wilson, the CEO at Geek Certified has been recognized internationally for his leadership in online marketing for over 15 years. He’s worked with over 1000 companies both locally and overseas to improve their online sales.  Here are some social media tips he shares about social media marketing when he works with local clients or speaks at international conferences:

  • Identify your goals.  Goals should be measurable, specific, attainable, and relevant.
  • Select the best platform for your product. Is it LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram?
  • Identify your audience.  Gender, age, ethnicity, location, marital status…
  • Select a firm with a successful history in online marketing…. Geek Certified perhaps.
  • Attract influencers. Twitter says 49% of consumers rely on influencers to make a choice.
  • Integrate social media optimization into your website.
  • Encourage inbound links. This increases your authority with Google.

Social media SEO is a powerful tool that solidifies branding, creates quality leads and drives sales.  Don’t be left behind. Contact us to day and we’ll develop a social media marketing strategy that will bring results.