Timelapse Video and Timelapse Movies: Why Your Website Needs Video!

Today’s Internet users are often overwhelmed with information every time they go online. Your customers are more selective in how they spend their online time.  Also, Internet attention spans have shrunk dramatically in recent years. Studies indicate if you don’t grab the attention of potential customers in 8 seconds or less, they’re very likely to bounce off your site onto a competitor’s. 

A stunning timelapse movie, or time lapse film placed strategically can immediately capture attention and encourage the viewer to remain on your site. The longer they remain on your site, the greater the chance for a conversion. You also need to know that the Google algorithm loves a timelapse movie. The use of a time lapse video enhances your ranking on North America’s most popular search engine and you can’t ignore that if you want to do business.

Research indicates that over 60% of Internet users prefer to watch a video rather than read text.   Timelapse video or time lapse films hold peoples’ attention. When we place a short dynamic video on your site that displays your product or explains your organization’s mission, we ensure that your potential customers are more likely to spend more time on your website.  We also know from recent studies that the longer they stay with you, the greater chance for a conversion to a sale, and in most cases that’s what you’re after.

Why Video and Video Time Lapse Works.

The data is in.  Here’s what one leading public relations and marketing firm has found:

  • Video drives traffic.  Video and timelapse movies attract three times as many monthly visitors, doubles their time on your site and increases traffic from various search engines by 157%.
  • Video retains your website visitors. The average visitor to a website with a video or time lapse video stays 88% longer than one without video enhancement.
  • Videos are more likely to produce a customer. It’s been reported that 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out more information on a service or product if they’ve seen it on a video. Your use of timelapse movies is likely to improve this viewing experience and result in even more conversions.
  • Videos drive engagement on Facebook. If you’re posting marketingmaterial on this social media giant you need to know that posts with video or time lapse films are granted a greater weight in their algorithms.  They rate higher than posts with just text or links.
  • Video encourages consumers to buy. It may be difficult to believe but viewers who see your product or service on a video are 85% more likely to make a purchase.  How can you ignore this fact? Over 50% of consumers report that watching a video increases their trust in a product. Potential customers who viewed a video on product pages were 144% more likely to add an item to their shopping carts.

Can I Use A Timelapse Movie As Part of Our Marketing Campaign?

Time lapse video has a broad range of applications.  If you’re selling any product or service a brief but effective timelapse movie makes your site more energized and potentially attractive to your online customers.  A majority of Internet users now access the WWW on their mobile device, either a phone or a tablet.   We need to keep that in mind as we produce any timelapse movie as mobiles have different characteristics than a desktop or laptop.  Trust us to know the market and to get these specifications just right for the majority of your potential customers, no matter what type of device they’re using.

Most products or services featured on a website will benefit from the addition of video footage. Think about construction or real estate projects that can be illustrated in time lapse photography to show their progress.  If you have a product that has to be assembled, a video is a great way to show your customers how easily it goes together, and what the finished product looks like. And how about adding some time lapse film as background to highlight the dynamic aspect of your product.  Videos sell.  Videos cause viewers of your site to trust your service or product to a higher degree than simple text. Videos also encourage shoppers to spend more time on a site.

How long does it take to put a time lapse video program together?  Once we’ve decided on how best to feature your product and have done the preparatory work we’re ready to shoot.  Producing a series of 1-2 minute regular speed or timelapse movies will take surprisingly little time.  Making ten or twelve time lapse videos for your website can be easily accomplished in a day.  Once they’re ‘in the can’ they can be posted on your website on a regular basis to keep the content fresh.  Google’s algorithm ranks higher those sites that are continually evolving and adding fresh material.

So your new videos and timelapse movies enhance your website in two ways…with the regular addition of fresh new material and secondly by being more attractive to the Google algorithm. 

Internet marketing is a relatively new phenomenon.  We’re still refining the best ways to go about using your website and social media to improve sales and ensure you gain market share. Based on recent studies we know that timelapse movies are a great avenue for you to explore if you want to improve your bottom line.