What’s Behind Successful Twitter Campaigns?

As far as social media go, Twitter is on the way up as a place that retailers find success in running Internet marketing programs. If you search hashtags that are related to your business you’ll see that there is already a fair bit of action on the marketing or advertising side of things. So why not get involved and create one of the best Twitter marketing campaigns on that platform? Don’t let others steal your share of the market place in your line of retail goods just by being a non-player.

The dynamic team at Geek Certified can help you get started by designing Twitter ads and successful Twitter campaigns that will boost your sales to the next level and give you a solid ROI.  Get involved with your own Twitter campaign and discover potential customers, sales opportunities and influencers who can help spread the word about your unique product or top notch service.

Here’s the scoop!  It’s really quite simple.  The more people who engage with your brand’s Twitter campaign, the more people who know about your business, the more sales you make.  So, let’s get started. Get in touch with the experienced team at Geek Certified. They’ll work with you to generate a Twitter campaign that can pay big dividends. A quick call or email right now will get things rolling.  289-259-8059 or

We’ll Create One of the Best Twitter Marketing Campaigns Around.

Twitter is one of the leading social networks in the world.  With over 305 million monthly active users it is an online retail force that won’t be denied.  Twitter campaigns are a great way to increase the visibility of your product or service. And here’s how you build a successful campaign for your business:

  1. Select a really descriptive hashtag of your business and make certain no one else is using it.
  2. Discover what works through checking the analytics of your recent posts.  How much interest did they create? Use those statistics to drive your Twitter ads
  3. Based on when you get the biggest reaction to your tweets create a schedule that reflects the times when your potential customers are most engaged.  There are online tools like Buffer which will give you the data you need to plan a schedule for your Twitter ads.
  4. Write content that works based on your previous tweets.
  5. Determine which keywords reflect the nature of your business.  This will link you with users who are more likely interested in your product.

That’s the basics for establishing a successful Twitter campaign.  Working with the tech team at Geek Certified will give you access to all the information you need to create one of the best Twitter marketing campaigns available.

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